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Team Attempts SpinDizzy Repair, Uncovers Secret

On September 21, Azure, Zenkuro, Dragoncat, Kelketek, Wolverine, Alicia, Zeta and others worked to salvage one of the more broken spindizzy drives in hope of using it to reconstruct the steering spindizzy on the underside of the planetoid.

Using Zenkuro’s drilling laser and Dragoncat’s automole, our adventurers made their way to the underground chamber with relative ease. But when they arrived, they found that someone had been living inside of it for quite some time. Named 1-01-7PR, he looked much like JoshRC, who went by 1-01-5RC when discovered in Claudes space expedition a few months ago.

The creature was initially injured by the entry, but was quickly treated for his wounds. Once stable, he carried on a quick conversation with JoshRC about his origins before self-terminating, much to the shock of those present. it is now known that there is some group of persons known as “The Order” on SpinDizzy, and perhaps off it.

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