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June Idle-Purge List Announced

on June 13, 2014 by Austin in News, Comments (0)

The wizards have posted the June 2014 idle-purge list. The people in this list will, if they don’t connect or send word to us to connect, be purged and their […]


Wizards Appeal for New Bodies

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The wizards have issued an appeal for new guest bodies. SpinDizzy has always provided its temporary and character-less people with guest bodies that represent real, playable concepts and Austin recently […]


Morticon Impeachment Rendered Null

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The impeachment and conviction of Vice-Mayor Morticon after his kidnapping of Mayor Jukka was in effect nullified when the Mayor appointed the villainous wallaby to fill the vacancy created by […]


Giant Mecha Descends From Sky, Probably Doesn’t Doom Us All

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A new giant mecha appeared in the sky several weeks ago. It identifies itself as a “Brawler-548 `Saltwart’ Hepten-8 Combat Core” and according to its holographic projects appeared through some […]