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Art Ambush Pictures: ‘Birthday’

on January 29, 2013 by Garrison in Comic / Visual Art, Events, Comments (0)

The theme for the January 28 Art Ambush was “Birthday” and the entries are reproduced below.


No Mayor Elected for 2013

on January 25, 2013 by BunnyHugger in News, Comments (0)

SpinDizzy residents chose “no mayor” on the 2013 ballot, resulting in the position being officially vacant for the year. Forty-six instant runoff ballots were cast, although some ballots did not […]


Transcript of Tuesday’s Debate

on January 19, 2013 by Drake Featherwing in News, Comments (0)

This past Tuesday, the debate for the mayoral election at Carson Studios in New Town. Present for this occasion were Sally, Kefan, Royce, Vivek, GreenKai*, and Garrison. Questions were asked […]


Polls to Open at Midnight; Vote Will Be by Instant Runoff

on by BunnyHugger in News, Comments (1)

Elections 4, the SpinDizzy mayoral election for 2014, will commence just after midnight on the morning of January 20 and be open until the end of the day on January […]


Meet the Candidates

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The SpinDizzy News asked each candidate to write a short statement, either biographical or platform-oriented, for our 2013 Election Guide. Responses are reproduced below. Garrison When I originally stepped upon this […]


2013 Rung in at Kosmoknot Club, Rose Garden

on January 18, 2013 by Austin in Events, New Town, Rose Garden, Comments (0)

The New Year was rung in over two separate events, one at Dingo’s Kosmoknot Club in New Town, and one in the Rose Garden several days later. The club party […]


Mayoral Ballot Unveiled

on January 11, 2013 by BunnyHugger in New Town, News, Comments (0)

In a press release given directly to the new SpinDizzy NBC affiliate WSDN, and read by news anchor Mahwah Newjersey, red panda, the Elections Department announced that Garrison, skunk; Gilead, […]


Election Season Begins with Nominations

on January 9, 2013 by BunnyHugger in News, Comments (0)

The 2013 Mayoral Elections officially began on January 7 with what the Elections Department dubbed “Calling the Election.” This ceremony formally marked the start of the nominations period, which will […]


Twelfth Night Celebrated with Cake, Wassail

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BunnyHugger, devilbunny; and Chitter, squirrel; joined this year by Austin, coati, hosted their 4th annual Twelfth Night party on January 5 in Meliora Park (S3 E1). Roofus_roo, fairy kangaroo, was […]


Mayoral Election 4 to Be Called Monday

on January 6, 2013 by Austin in News, Comments (0)

The Elections Department has announced that the 2013 Mayoral Election will be officially called, starting in City Hall, at 7:30 pm muck time (Pacific). According to the event list, “the […]