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New Guest Bodies Appearing

on October 25, 2014 by Austin in Advertising, Comments (0)

The first new guest bodies in several years have begun appearing in newcomers trying out our floating city in space. The guest bodies, including such creatures as a kirin, a […]


Rose Garden, Weather Solicited

on by Austin in Advertising, Rose Garden, Comments (0)

The wizards have posted an appeal to would-be authors and world-sculptors for new seasonal descriptions for the Rose Garden and other public territories, and for new ambient weather events that […]


Horror at the Neopolis Hospital

on by Tash-Kiira in News, Comments (0)

The Neopolis Hospital was a scene of appalling horror, leading to massive decontamination efforts and one fatality after a terror-filled attack. Myron Takumichi, a 36-year old male fox-wolf hybrid, was […]


Trick-or-Treating, Masquerade Ball Planned for Halloween

on October 15, 2014 by BunnyHugger in News, Comments (0)

Halloween is always a popular holiday on SpinDizzy and this year is no exception.  At least two events are currently scheduled in the days leading up to Halloween.  Although the […]