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First SpinDizzy Fair Comes to a Colorful Conclusion

The SpinDizzy Fair officially closed Sunday night with a short ceremony at the main gate of Edgeworld Park that included the locking away of a time capsule, followed by fireworks.

Fair Organizer BunnyHugger, devilbunny, began with a short speech.  “I want to thank everyone who helped make this event what it was.  That includes the people who ran events and exhibitions, the people who did construction, the people who participated in events, and just the people who came and looked around the grounds and rode the rides.  In other words, everyone here.  Thank you,” she said.  “My greatest hope for the Fair is that it would feel like a collaborative effort, something that wasn’t just mine but belonged to everyone, and I think that came true.”

She added, “I do believe that keeping things as occasional events helps keep them more special.  The Fair is closing tonight, but the Park will still be here and I encourage people to use it freely, for events or gathering or fun.  I hope to hold a big ‘World’s Fair’ every three years in which all the stops are pulled out, and a smaller and more low key ‘Carnival’ in the intervening years.  Plans may change, but that is my current outlook.”

BunnyHugger then called up Suri, lemur, to the stage to present her a special award, a “Best of Fair” blue ribbon.  “Suri, I am presenting to you a special award for Best of Fair, for your outstanding and educational pavilion.  We have all learned much about the history and culture of Lemurs from it.  It was exactly the kind of exhibit I had hoped to find at our first Fair.”  The Lemur pavilion, located in the pavilion area of the park, contained numerous statues depicting famous lemurs, as well as dioramas and displays giving the curious history of the Secret Lemur Empire.

Next BunnyHugger called up Skyler, bunny, for the official time capsule sealing.  Ali, fox, Fair Queen, asked if she could say a few words before adding an item to the capsule.  “I’ve been the ceremonial figurehead, I did build a ride,” she said, referring to the roller coaster known as the Whiplash, “but frankly it’s not me that deserves this.  So I think that it would be most appropriate if not only was the first ever SpinDizzy Fair Queen Sash one of the items in the time capsule, but that it should be placed in by the real Queen of the fair.”  She handed the sash to BunnyHugger, who appeared bashful.

BunnyHugger then gathered the last few items from Skyler and put them into a room inside the west tower of the park’s main gate structure.  She then handed a large gold key to Skyler, who locked the door and then waved to the crowd.

“I could spend all night thanking everyone for the wonderful time they helped create,” BunnyHugger said, “but I don’t want to keep everyone all night, so, there’s just one last item of business, which is to see if our Queen wishes to grace us with a few words to officially end the first SpinDizzy Fair.”  Fluffy, plaid critter, called out from the audience, “BunnyHugger, weren’t you paying attention? You’re queen now.”  BunnyHugger replied, “Ali still has the ceremonial authority here as far as I’m concerned!”  She then bowed to Ali and her ceremonial Prince Consort, PatchO’Black, jellicle cat.

“The weight of the crown may diminish with abdication. But oration’s burden is carried into the life of the commoner,” Zeta, squirrel, commented.

On BunnyHugger’s request, Ali made a brief closing speech.  “It has been a beautiful fair, and it will continue to be a beautiful Park. . . I for one believe that BunnyHugger’s vision has been and will remain a huge boon to SpinDizzy, and I know you all agree with me.  The first SpinDizzy Fair ends here. Let’s all let it go out with a bang.”

On this signal Morticon began the fireworks display, which highlighted the park’s skyline with vibrant colors.  At the end of the display, he somehow caused a magnetic effect on the spindizzy field overhead, producing an aurora.  The audience cheered loudly for the amazing display.

After the event, many people continued to gather at the main gate to socialize.  Others dispersed into the park to get a last look at the soon-to-be-closed exhibits and buy limited time Fair souvenirs from the park’s gift shop.

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