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Sailing Between Scylla and Charybdis

On October 17, a team composed of Rainfall, Kinsor, Zeta, Azure, Joshua, Zenkuro, Tanooki, Ping, Kelketek, Wolverine, and Ali sailed our world between the two stars.

The previous discovery of the steering engine’s failure was contemporaneous with the discovery that our world had been caught in the pull of a binary star system (one blue giant and one red giant.)  Without swift action, it was feared our world would be doomed.  After the engines were repaired, it was decided that a quick run between the stars, while dangerous, would be preferable to a longer, slower trip that could leave SpinDizzy out of fuel.

Kinsor and Rainfall took to the helm, the hope being that their status as flying creatures would give them an intuitive grasp of three dimensional navigation.  Even before the pilots took their places, though, two asteroids were spotted on a collision course.  Joshua was plugged into the spindizzy field control and Tanooki and Ping went to the control center to manipulate Spengo’s, allowing the pair to deflect or absorb this and subsequent bombardments.

Once the journey was underway, things became even more dangerous.  Kinsor and Rainfall had to steer to avoid having SpinDizzy ripped apart by gravitational forces or being swallowed by a star.  The stresses on the field caused gravity to shift and switch directions, resulting in many injuries as people fell toward walls or the ceiling.  Dust caused a continual drain on the field’s power, becoming so bad that Ali was forced to go to the engine room and boost the generators herself.  Even so, in order to maintain the field, Zeta eventually ordered that gravity be cut to just enough to keep the lakes from floating away.

A solar flare from one star licked over the bottom, putting even more strain on the systems.  This and continual bombardment damaged our sensors.  A collision alert blared and the whole world rocked violently.  Panic reigned as aft sensors recorded a mass half as large as the entire planetoid floating away.  However, it was soon revealed to be the broken remnant of another Spindizzy that had attempted the trip and failed.

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