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Changes and Amendations

While transformation has never been far from the lives of SpinDizzy residents several notable changes have transpired.  Among them:

Sally, of late a velociraptor, became a golden eagle this past month in what she described as “a mighty *BAMF*, and a puff of smoke,” which though exceptional she explained as,  “Sometimes that happens.”  She reports it has not been an inconvenience — “More a novelty, really” and that her experience with birdbaths finds them to be “”Kinda shallow and nasty, really.  And all the other birds flee in terror, anyway.”

While the bird family has taken up Sally as one of their own, they have lost Luaie, of late a snowy egret, who has returned to being a heron dragon.  Said he, “I liked being a snowy egret, but I seem to be mode-locked in my heron dragon form.  Who knew shapeshifting was something that could come and go?”

Almost to the day of Luaie’s rejoining the dragon community, twin-headed raccoon Tottle showed how he had become a mono-headed hare.  This was his original configuration in the City until, “I had a scientific accident.  The raccoon part was an encounter with Nikon.  She raccooned me and it stuck.”  Nikon, dracoon, has shown a talent for bringing out the raccooniness in others.  However, in Tottle and after years of experience with the species, “Everything seems to have worn off.”  Royce, raccoon, asked for comment, poked his head out of Roofus_roo’s pantry and chirred.

Meanwhile Nikon, dracoon, appears to be in the process of renouncing gender in her primary form.  More will follow.

Gryphe, of late silver gryphon, has shifted into a plush gryphon lifestyle, following its settling down with Paws, plush Eurasian gryphon, and becoming more active in the morning shifts again.  Gryphe has not had the chance to talk in detail about the change for the newspaper, but says it “quite likes it”.

In other gender changes, Vanilla, female SQONQ, chose to become male.  Asked about the swap, he said, “I had a friend online once that told me, `If they can’t accept you for who you are, what are you trying to prove?’  That’s stuck with me, and while I’ve played females, it’s always felt not right.  So [ … ] I’m me, I’m a guy, and I’m proud of it.”  Despite whispered skepticism that Vanilla might have a male player, he asserted, “I’m Vanilla the Guy, it’s more me than a female that’s trying to make you like me, get used to it.”

Mayor Jaxen, after a stretch as a vixen, has appeared in public in a “neutrois” fox form, but we have not yet gotten proper comment about it.

And while only a morph, winged, bunny-eared squirrel J.P. — who has already displayed male and female morphs — recently added a styrofoam variant.  In this material he is well able to hold his ham radio equipment in near-pristine condition.

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  1. fluffy


    October 19, 2010 @ 10:49 pm

    Don’t forget, Findra has been spending some time as a critter recently. An adorable purple critter.

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