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Fruitbat Buys Broken Meteor, Finds Lifepod Inside

ASP Underground Press — Special Edition

Scientists and researchers at the Fruitbat Mining Corporation (FB&C) today revealed that their latest acquisition, a large semi-intact meteor from last week’s shower, in fact appears to have been a sort of traveling space pod.

Said Empri Fruitbat of FB&C., “We originally purchased the meteor in order to study it’s composition. Having deemed it likely that this particular meteor had been a part of the spindizzy we collided with, it could show us many things in regards to how our spindizzies differ.” What they did not expect however was that the meteor would have contained a two-room compartment, discovered during the initial discombobulating process. “Lights, heating, a small wine cellar and some really jangly music…it was really VIB. No occupant was inside, but they might have just stepped out before we had a chance to say hello.”

Acquisition of the meteor was made early in the morning after the spindizzy field conditions returned to safe levels, having landed the previous day near the Confluence Tower. The meteor is currently being held in deep storage labs while investigations are being carried out. Researchers are considering the meteor a lucky find as much of the space debris of similar size or larger was either deflected or landed on the underside and exposed to excessive solar radiation.

— Kinsor

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