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Funeral Held for Weinstein [IC Only]

Last week the (IC, not real-life) funeral for Weinstein, local fennec, occurred in Memorial Park. The fennec, head medical doctor for the SED, had sacrificed his life to save Kensington, local human and his adopted daughter. Because he was a member of the SED, a military-style funeral was held. Kelketek, local fox and member of the SED, delivered the eulogy.

The funeral started with four Ainas carrying Weinstein’s shrouded body on a cloth stretcher and then placing it on top of an unlit funeral pyre. Sora and Natalya, soldiers in the SED, walked in front of the procession, and then stood at the front and back of the pyre while the eulogy was given.

Kelketek spoke: “Dearly beloved, we are here to honor David Weinstein, medic, father, fennec, and friend of many…”

“David came to this planetoid by serendipitous means. A transporter malfunction on his ship brought him here. Like many of us, he did not know what lay in store for him on this land of ours. And like many, he did not yet know what he would do with his new life here…”

“I first met David as he was stitching up my wounds. Rainfall and I are alive today because of the efforts of him and Amanda. It was only the first of many times his life giving hands would give us a second chance. Many of us were stitched up by his caring paws…”

“And his passing was in the same manner as his life, giving another chance to someone death had sought to take early. No greater symbol of this selflessness than his daughter Kensington lives among us today. He thus, in his death, gives us an example of life to us all. An example we shall carry with us, the weight of his soul not forgotten as we carry on through the stars to new adventures untold– adventures many of us could have never seen if it weren’t for him.”

“David Weinstein, with love and affection, we send you with great farewell to the other side. Your sacrifices and works will be remembered, and your legacy will carry on.” “Goodbye, my friend. Rest in peace.”

At this point, Sora and Natalya both fired three shots in unison from their rifles into the air, piercing the silence. The pyre was set alight by Kelketek at about the same time, and the body began to burn. Emotions were running high at this point, with many sobbing or feeling sad about the passing of their friend. Kensington, previously stoic, broke down and cried openly. A few people talked about their friendship with Weinstein and how he touched their lives.

The unusually hot fire then turned the body fully into ash, and the Ainas collected the remains and offered them to Kensington in an urn. The ceremony was soon over, and many returned home, often hugging each other in consolation.

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