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SpinDizzy Repair Update

Friday night, Timothy and Arnold, representatives from Centripedus and in charge of SpinDizzy’s repairs, visited with a group in the control center to give a status update. As usual, Timothy brought several pounds of paperwork and took a few moments to read up on what’s been completed. Apparently there are many spindizzies being repaired simultaneously and it’s hard to keep the status straight for each one.

For SpinDizzy, however, Timothy reported the repairs were progressing well. The control center itself is completely repaired, looking as it did the day SpinDizzy was created. Secondary spindizzy generators have been for the most part repaired or replaced. Medical personnel have basically completed their check of the populace, finding no significant illness. Damaged terrain is still being reformed, and other miscellaneous issues such as life support, natural resources, and filters and pumps have all been renewed.

Spengo, our moon, has nearly completed its increase in size. This will enable others to build there, once a method of transport has been installed. The engineers are currently working on said transport, and expect to have something soon.

Weather, a requested feature, is having difficulties due to the new shielding system. Timothy is confident it will be installed soon, meaning SpinDIzzy will have seasons and varying weather such as rain or snow upon takeoff.

A completion date was also mentioned:  near the beginning of January, all repairs and upgrades should be complete. Soon after that, SpinDizzy will be cleared for takeoff and will resume its lengthy trip through the blackness of space.

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