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Damaged Spindizzies Repaired

On October 15, both damaged spindizzies were repaired simultaniously. Red team (led by Morticon, and including Jukka, Christopher, Natalya, Tanooki, and Jaxen) went to the underside to repair the twin spindizzies, which assist in steering the entire planetoid. Blue team (led by Azure and Zeta, and including Edison, JasonRDT, Wolverine, Natasha, Sora, Zenkuro, and Andreas) repaired the master spindizzy, which affects general gravity over the entire planetoid.

Both teams experianced their share of trials and tribulations, but managed to get their respective components repaired in time to synchronize the three spindizzies by the end of the expedition. Notable side effects experianced by residents during the repairs include the angle of gravity temporarily changing by about 8 degrees, and a large hole opening up in the southern part of the planetoid.

The hole, boring all the way down to the other side of SpinDizzy, is quite large, occupying four grid squares at around S5 E2. When it occurred, a geyser of rock and dirt erupted on both sides during what felt like an earthquake. Clearly, this was the result of a brief gravity anomoly occuring while the Spindizzies were synchronizing.

The repairs ended with everyone cheering at their successes, and probably passing out soon after from exhaustion.

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