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Leader of Local Order Detachment Captured

A rag-tag team of adventurers went to the ventral surface of our world and captured the leader of a detachment of cybernetic coyotes.  After a struggle and a daring surgical operation, the coyote was disarmed and is currently being held by the SED.

We first learned of The Order, quasi-religious group on a failed mission to repair the SpinDizzy systems, some time ago when a team of diggers entered one of the blacklight (dead, as far as the network is concerned) engines.  A cybernetic, coyote-like being was accidentally injured when the team dug into the chamber.  He asked if they were come from The Order to punish him for his failure, and matters grew worse after that.  He yelled that those who were not “The Truth of Whril, the Light of Centripedus” had no right to touch the engine and in spite of attempts to comfort him, he killed himself when taken to the hospital.

This coyote was of a similar design to Joshua Farstrike, recovered months ago from a mysterious remote combat emplacement orbiting the world.  His satellite appears to have been retrofitted and claimed by the order, and their installed systems make certain information available.

Given The Order’s hostility and unknosn goals, Azure (SED Mad Scientist) was ordered by Zeta (SED Sane Strategist) to draw ou and capture any remaining Order representatives lest they launch an attack on the repair and steering crews.

Azure lead a team composed of Zenkuro (cybernetic buttkicker for hire), Joshua (cybernetic coyote), Andreas (captain and head of Lamira Industries), Edison (loopy hyena), and Alkaryiske (mostly-dragon alchemist) to the underside.  There, an Order agent (another cybernetic coyote) was found.  He claimed that his entire team was dead, that he had been conditioned to fight us and prevent the engines from falling into the hands of “The Dark One” and though it was futile, he could do nothing but complete his mission.

With an apology, he then grabbed Joshua Farstrike and smashed one of the engineered fruits (a glass sphere containing a highly potent agent that induces fear) and ripped off Joshua’s air filter.  Both creatures immediately became feral and violent and were subdued and taken to SpinDizzy General.

Azure had previously studied the Order’s self-termination mechanism and assisted Zenkuro and Weinstein in disconnecting and disarming it.  The coyote (who claims to be responsible for repairing the steering drive) awoke after the operation and is currently in good health.  Due to his conditioning and his own claim that he would attack as soon as our backs were turned, he is currently being held in containment at SED headquarters.

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