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Services for Elation Debugging Offers Free Counseling Service

The Services for Elation Debugging, a non-profit organization owned by the Society of Elite Defenders, is offering free counseling sessions to the public, claiming the services are for the ‘general wellness’ of SpinDizzy’s populace.

The head of the Services for Elation Debugging, Kelketek, had this to say:
“There have been a lot of instances of trauma and interpersonal conflict lately. My hope is that some of the problems between residents as well as personal issues that many deal with can be addressed now that help is available.”

Mina, Tigress, commented, “I’ve never heard anything bad about [Kelketek]. So I think it would be held in confidence,” and noted that she “could recommend him.”

Sora, Society of Elite Defenders sniper, recently underwent a counseling session and said that Kelketek “would keep his word.” “I’d recommend it,” she added.

Resident bluefox Azure remarked upon hearing of the services, “I imagine things will likely be held in confidence, though I would be wary of how broad the interpretation of harm might be. I can’t think of anyone I’d recommend it to. At least for people who work at the SED, there’s other folks there who always made me feel better when I had troubles.”

Zenkuro, terminator ice vixen, stated that she was “sure [sessions] would be kept confidential,” but that she would “rather have no part in it,” and doesn’t know anyone who needs it.

“I think that confidence in the service, as well as rapport concerning its effectiveness, will be established as time goes on, and any initial doubts will be addressed,” Kelketek said.

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