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Centripedus Repair Crew Introduced, Repairs Commence

After a week of no noticeable activity from Centripedus authorities, Friday saw the official welcome.  Arnold (a corgi) and Timothy (a boar), official representatives and high level managers from Centripedus, welcomed SpinDizzy to its temporary home.  Arnold identified himself as Chief Custodian, and Timothy as Spindizzy Repair Manager.

While both managers appeared somewhat incompetent, with Arnold having little idea of how the repair process actually works, and Timothy being enamored with paperwork and keeping the planet ISO9000 compliant.  JasonRDT was selected by the group of residents as the one in charge, and therefore responsible for signing several pounds worth of paperwork.

The accompanying set of engineers and technicians poured over the control center, making lists of everything that needed fixing.  After asking the residents what sort of enhancements they wanted and looking at the schedule of upgrades for SpinDizzy, Timothy came up with the following list:

For REPAIR:  Repair secondary spindizzies as needed, replace master spindizzy, replace worn or broken components in computer system, repair broken or damaged terrain on the underside, replenish natural resources, refresh life support system, repair selected major buildings, refresh power systems, and check over residents for any disease or illness.

For UPGRADE/ADDITION: Add weather, improve shielding system, install a distress signal generator, and expand Spengo (our moon) and provide a way to reach it easily.

The large hole recently created was elected (though not unanimously) not to be repaired by those present, as it did not present a danger to navigation or stability.  Additionally, it was agreed that Silvyr was to be consulted before the master spindizzy was replaced.

After JasonRDT signed many sheets of paper, Timothy and crew said they were done for now, and headed back to the Lucity D.  Just before the two left, they were asked how long it would take for the repairs to start and be completed.  Timothy said repairs would start within a few days, and would last about a month.

More news about the repairs will follow as information is known.

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  1. BunnyHugger

    November 14, 2010 @ 1:51 am

    “Elected” my lucky foot. It was more or less decided by Zeta’s fiat! I do not recall any vote being taken.

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