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Inclement Weather Stops, SED Claims Diplomatic Victory

Recent weather patterns known to be not a part of the normal systems of SpinDizzy or Centripedus have been causing damage to structures and homes over the planetoid was revealed by the SED to be the work of a local community member’s experimentation. Azure, electrical blue fox, has promised to cease severe weather manipulation, and not continue experiments until the new weather system installed by Centripedus maintainance is complete and evaluated.

“The original goal was to make a beautiful storm.” Azure said concerning his antics. “Why else would you manipulate the weather?” Kelketek, SED public relations manager, was affected by the storm. “We were getting a lot of complaints from Neopolis about strange weather. When a large thunder snow storm covered the rose garden and surrounding areas, a lot of the basement sand castle apartments were flooded, including my own.” The fox rolled his eyes when recalling how he figured out what the cause was. “When the lightning strikes had tones to them, playing arpeggios, it was obvious who was behind it.”

“I don’t have money, but I can build a machine to make carpeting, and I’ve always wanted to have a go at construction.” Azure remarked upon hearing about the damages, “And Zenkuro got sucked up by a tornado multiple times and struck by lightning and she seems happy. So I can’t imagine why anyone else would complain.” He stated that he blames the inordinate amount of interference with Zenkuro’s person as a result of her ‘Intrinsic Zenkuro Field’ rather than his weather machine.

“What’s wonderful about this is that it’s an example of how the SED saw a problem, and went to solve it diplomatically,” Kelketek remarked concerning the resolution of the matter. “We have been accused of being trigger happy, and in the past that might have been true. But here’s a shining example of us being the elite defenders we are.”

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