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Letter to BunnyHugger from Kelketek

The following is the text of a letter left behind by Kelketek before embarking on the mission that left him missing and presumed dead.

Dear BunnyHugger,

I wanted to thank you for the ethics discussion you had with me soon before my mission began. As you can see now it was a great deal more relevant than I had let on. I don’t feel like a hero for doing what I’ve done now. It was something that needed to be done. Your discussion with me cleared some things up because normally I’d think someone who gave their life should be especially heroic, but I certainly didn’t see how I had much other option, so I wasn’t certain how that would make me a hero.  Your conversation with me made me realize that I was right in the matter. I am not a hero. I have just done what needed to be done for those I love to live, because if I didn’t, I would have died anyway.

That might not sound like it was much of a help, but it really was, since the one thing that can really bother a fox is curiosity and intrigue on a matter, and the oddness and extraordinary situation was distracting me a little. Also, I’d always wanted to have a deep conversation on ethics, something I did not get to study as much as I would have wanted to, and so you have done me a great service there as well.

I know I haven’t always gotten your approval, what with joining the SED and acting as their public relations manager, but I hope you do remember me fondly, even with only the brief encounters we had.


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