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Kelketek Missing, Presumed Dead

Kelketek, former SED public relations manager, is missing and presumed dead, according to witnesses interviewed by the SpinDizzy News. He left behind a letter to BunnyHugger, SD News Content Editor, alluding to his intention to engage in a dangerous mission, possibly a suicide mission.


Kelketek, former SED PR manager

The letter was delivered Tuesday by Azure, fox. Responding to an inquiry by BunnyHugger about what had happened to Kelketek, Azure replied, “Presumed to have died in the act of sabotaging the power source for a shield of a hostile force…. The hostile force was neutralized shortly thereafter.” Ali, fox, put it more colorfully: “He buggered off to have his own private war, then apparently he and Rainfall decided to re-enact Spock’s big Wrath of Khan scene with someone else’s spindizzy drive.”

According to Sparks, kitsune-bi, the drive “was believed to be the shield generator source of a hostile planetoid.” Sparks indicated that the Latransients were involved, and Ali added, “something about a splinter faction.”

Asked whether Kelketek’s death was certain, Sparks replied that “the chances of him actually surviving are astronomically low.” Ali filled in more detail: “All we actually saw was a crater full of glass and dirt and debris — and the debris was from above the drive; things that fell from where it was were totally vaporized. Azure, Joshua, and Jason determined that they would have had to be in the chamber in order to trigger its destruction.”

Azure, Ali, and Sparks did not directly comment on the fate of Rainfall, fox.

The letter given to BunnyHugger makes reference to a recent conversation between her and Kelketek, during which he inquired whether it is heroic to sacrifice one’s own life to prevent an event that will kill everyone, including oneself. She replied by differentiating between two kinds of moral actions, obligatory and supererogatory, and classifying the hypothetical action as obligatory. The text of Kelketek’s letter is reproduced elsewhere in today’s SD News.

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