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2013 Rung in at Kosmoknot Club, Rose Garden

on January 18, 2013 by Austin in Events, New Town, Rose Garden, Comments (0)

The New Year was rung in over two separate events, one at Dingo’s Kosmoknot Club in New Town, and one in the Rose Garden several days later. The club party […]


2012 Christmas Tree Appears

on December 10, 2012 by Sally in News, Rose Garden, Comments (0)

SpinDizzy’s annual Christmas tree has once again appeared in the Rose Garden.  As in years past, the newly-appeared tree is small and spindly with its base wrapped in a blue […]


The Doze Garden

on December 5, 2012 by Garrison in Comic / Visual Art, Rose Garden, The Doze Garden, Comments (0)



Ping Returns to Wizarding

on by BunnyHugger in News, Rose Garden, Comments (1)

Ping, ‘toon mouse, regained her wizard powers in a brief ritual conducted by Amalfi, stuffed rabbit-god of SpinDizzy, in the Rose Garden on Sunday evening. Ping had been on sabbatical […]


Cat Ties Elastic Coati ’round the Old Oak Tree

on November 15, 2012 by Garrison in News, Rose Garden, Comments (0)

On November 14, an uneasy calm fell upon the Rose Garden. However, this was quickly broken as local Jellicle cat PatchO’Black’s cat basket landed, Patchy jumped out… and started chasing […]


Chitter Celebrates Birthday, Anniversary

on April 17, 2012 by Austin in Events, Rose Garden, Comments (0)

Chitter, beloved squirrel and guardian of BunnyHugger’s good sense, celebrated his birthday as well as his fourth anniversary on SpinDizzy March 9. The party, a celebration in the Rose Garden, […]


Reindeer Launch Sky Parade Over Christmas Night

on December 28, 2011 by Austin in Events, Rose Garden, Comments (0)

Christmas Day saw a gathering of reindeer and deer-related characters in a procession. The group of reindeer, starting with J.P. — featuring, according to Beltrami, a lit nose — followed […]


Starship Trashcan Reaches New Heights

on June 24, 2011 by Chip in Rose Garden, SpinDizzy News, Comments (0)

Dragon-winged lion and captain of the Starship Trashcan, Casandro, found himself in the company of new crew yesterday with the addition of two members, Natasha Nelson and Chip “Chippy” Caramel. […]


PatchO’Black Demands, Receives Tribute

on May 10, 2011 by Austin in Rose Garden, Comments (0)

PatchO’Black, Jellicle Cat, this April decided that he should as a cat be receiving tribute. Among the tributes received so far have been a sandwich from the dinosauroid alien Luaie, […]


Devilbunny, Squirrel Serve Up Easter Delights

on May 7, 2011 by Austin in Comic / Visual Art, News, Rose Garden, Comments (0)

For the fourth year running devilbunny BunnyHugger and squirrel Chitter put themselves at the service of the community and distributed treats and candies for Easter. BunnyHugger, wearing a harness and […]