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Ping Returns to Wizarding

Ping, ‘toon mouse, regained her wizard powers in a brief ritual conducted by Amalfi, stuffed rabbit-god of SpinDizzy, in the Rose Garden on Sunday evening. Ping had been on sabbatical since late October for health reasons.

Austin, coati managing editor of SpinDizzy, stated that as Ping’s issues had resolved, “we can have her resume her duties, assuming she does feel up to it and doesn’t want to pass it off to a very surprised Roofus_roo instead.” Ping replied, “I hope Roofus wouldn’t mind if I accept the offer?”

“I’d not mind in the least,” came the emphatic reply from the notoriously shy fairy kangaroo. With that, Amalfi tumbled over onto Ping, to the mouse’s surprise, and Ping’s powers were restored.

Azure, fox, requested a speech, and Ping made a brief statement. “I missed being here,” Ping said. “When things got really crazy, and I just didn’t have any idea what was real and what wasn’t, you know what I remembered? I remembered being here. This is as much a home as I have, anywhere.”

“Meanwhile, Amalfi will be back in three weeks when Skyler goes on leave and we promote GreenKai and Royce,” Austin said.

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  1. Sally


    December 6, 2012 @ 2:24 pm

    Sticking people with surprise ‘W’ flags would actually be kind of cool, in its own anarchic way.

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