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Starship Trashcan Reaches New Heights

Space! Going to go to Space!Dragon-winged lion and captain of the Starship Trashcan, Casandro, found himself in the company of new crew yesterday with the addition of two members, Natasha Nelson and Chip “Chippy” Caramel.

During a quiet social gathering in SpinDizzy’s Rose Garden, the ‘toon coati and mouse were given a tour of the Starship, during which the opportunity of working with the ship and crew arose in discussion. With some interest, the two volunteered to join the crew, joining Casandro as well as his other crew members, kangaroo rat, Jake; and shape-shifting skunk, Pete.

In a celebratory haze, Chip obtained a permanent marker, and modified the pajamas he had been wearing at the time, changing what appeared to be miniature pieces of Swiss cheese into a cute spaceship pattern.

For their first mission, they explored the higher reaches of the known world, penetrating outer space. With the ship at rest, Casandro demonstrated the effect of the vacuum of space by equipping the crew with breathing equipment, and opening the windows in the cockpit.

Lacking open air, the new members found themselves in a eerie, soundless environment. Much to Natasha’s chagrin, however, she did not see any vacuums at all. Not even a Hoover was observed. Chippy meanwhile enjoyed a little floating about the cabin, but was happy to eventually return to solid ground when the mission ended.

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