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Reindeer Launch Sky Parade Over Christmas Night

Christmas Day saw a gathering of reindeer and deer-related characters in a procession. The group of reindeer, starting with J.P. — featuring, according to Beltrami, a lit nose — followed by Nyni, Roofus_roo, Jukka, Garrison, Featherwing, PatchO’Black, and Beltrami. Each of the participants besides Beltrami was a deer or reindeer, either by original species (as in Jukka), by a seasonal morph (as with Nyni and PatchO’Black), or transformed to fit the season.

From her vantage point at the back of the sleigh, Beltrami tossed off “Holiday Candy Ribbons” resembling strips of paper, with varied colors, tastes, and smells. Despite initial trepidation the candies were sampled and generally enjoyed.

Following this dispersal of candies the reindeer parade leapt into the sky and orbited the Rose Garden. When all in the Rose Garden had the chance to look at the novel sight, the parade left to other public gathering sites to spread candy, remarkable sights, flying deer, and one trusts cheer around the community. The group returned to the Rose Garden for the conclusion of its parade.

Most of the temporary reindeer have returned to their normal forms.

The candies handed out were fake objects, as produced by the makefood program. To be handed a fake object such as this one must enter hand #fok, which will allow others to hand fake objects to you, and you to hand fake objects to others. Fake objects may contain no programs, either in MPI or MUF, and are safe apart from possibly being embarrassing to have around.

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