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Chitter Celebrates Birthday, Anniversary

Chitter, beloved squirrel and guardian of BunnyHugger’s good sense, celebrated his birthday as well as his fourth anniversary on SpinDizzy March 9. The party, a celebration in the Rose Garden, featured a cake, considerable attention, and a burst of magic provided by Valleyminks.

What appeared to be a transformation doubling Chitter’s size and changing his color, to a violet and pink striping, drew considerable attention and quite a few views. It was revealed to be only an illusory change, however, and lasted only the duration of the night, to Chitter’s considerable relief after a long time enduring “everybody’s staring at me”. Chitter’s was not the only change; among other people, PatchO’Black and Beltrami put on squirrel shapes to get into the spirit of the day. Gifts to the squirrel besides the attention, fuss, cake, and transformation included some cashew butter provided by co-squirrel Nimble, and the promise of an amaretto sour sometime to himself.

When BunnyHugger found her way from FurToonia to here in early 2008, Chitter followed two days later, arriving fortuitously on his birthday. He has since maintained a presence trying to keep BunnyHugger safe from the many perils of city life as well. He also occasionally feels appreciated for the effort.

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