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Whispering Walls Hosts Sleepover

Zen’s Whispering Walls mall hosted its first sleepover the night of May 12, with a modest crowd in attendance. Attendees were given a free pair of sleepover pajamas — red, with stripes, and fitted to the wearer’s body by the machine generating them — and access to the buffet serving carts common to many affairs. Some brought sleeping bags while others roughed it by just curling up on the ground or in planters.

Some suggestions for a T|D (truth or dare) contest were made, although at least one was deflected by critter fluffy who noted that a T||D contest avoided the terrors of the dares.

Discussions at the sleepover turned to a reminiscent and nostalgic mode as the events surrounding a previous sleepover, held some years ago at Fluffhaven, were recounted. Much of the night became one of telling stories about how one first came to SpinDizzy, or to other mucks, and of the people known in long-ago days.

Attendees were disappointed to learn, on waking, that the mall was swept sometime overnight despite the entire point of the event. This has resulted in the suggestion that any future sleepover events be accompanied by a locking of the sweep action, and some discussion of reported glitches in the sweep program by which people were swept against the room owner’s desire.

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