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Day of Remembrance Observed in Memorial Garden

Another observance of the Day of Remembrance was held on the 30th of May. Many persons gathered in the Memorial Plaza (N1 W1) to speak of the players whom SpinDizzy has lost over the years. No new players, to our knowledge, died over the past year, although Silvyr’s player has suffered a stroke, and we do not know when the fox will be able or ready to rejoin the community.

One problem remarked on was that there are people who are remembered far better than others, in part because they were just better known: Butterfluff and Findra and Aushae were more popular than Alfie or Jacob, and died when the community had gotten more organized in memorializing its dead than, for example, Star’s_Pyre.

Also considered was that while SpinDizzy is equipped to memorialize players who have died, there is nothing so organized to remember characters (zombies or otherwise) who have died or been left behind in the course of events. This is probably a lesser need because of how few characters have died, or died in ways not reversible. Whether it also reflects a lack of attention given to the cultural heritage of SpinDizzy and the passing on of lore is for readers to consider.

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