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SpinDizzians Gather for Day of Remembrance

Although no formal event was planned this year for Day of Remembrance, an impromptu gathering took place yesterday in Memorial Plaza, N1 W1.  The holiday, observed annually on May 30, was established by Mayor Beltrami and Deputy Mayor Portia in 2008 as an occasion to remember missing and deceased SpinDizzians.

Some were quiet, looking at the monuments thoughtfully.  Others shared memories of the lost, especially Findra and Argon.  Cadge-Tuesday, joint squirrel entity, remarked, “We didn’t know a couple of these people,” and asked particularly about Alfie.  Austin, coati, answered, “He was a rabbit, as I remember, who died early.  Before we were really organized to process that sort of thing.”

BunnyHugger, devilbunny, inquired about another monument she knew little about, one dedicated to Jacob.  “He was a purple ‘toon mouse who’d come over from HoneyBadger’s burrow,” replied Austin, referring to a previously popular hangout on FurryMUCK.

“I know a little bit about Stars’_Pyre through B.J., who knew him,” BunnyHugger said.  “Didn’t know him myself.”

“I knew them all, of course,” Austin said.  “That’s what I’m here for.”  He noted that, to the best of his knowledge, SpinDizzy did not lose anyone this year.  “We don’t know the status of Silvyr, but we haven’t heard anything worse.”

Silvyr, known for his Monster of the Month events, disappeared in 2012.  The wizards eventually discovered, and announced, that he had suffered a stroke and aphasia and it was unknown if or when he would be able to return to SpinDizzy.

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