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SpinDizzy Fair Old-Cat Match: Post-Game Report

Recently, a baseball-like game was played as part of the festivities of the Spindizzy World’s Fair. All accounts and descriptions of this game are the property of the Spindizzy World’s Fair.

The opposing teams were:

Kelketek (captain), Mina, Skyler, Austin, and Weasel
Beltrami (captain), Flossi, Suri, Jimun, and Phoobia

BunnyHugger was the Umpire
Patch O’Black was the Peanut Vendor

Top of the Game:

Beltrami pitched
Flossi caught
Jimun played shortstop
Phoobia played first
Suri played the outfield

Mina batted first. The first pitch was bunted foul. The second pitch was an easy fly toward centre field, which Suri caught. One out.

Austin batted second. As there was suspicion that he might actually know how to play baseball, it was thought safest to deliberately walk him. Austin was safe at first.

Weasel was supposed to bat third. In the meantime, through, Patch O’Black, in his capacity as Peanut Vendor, had killed and buried Weasel for stealing peanuts. Although he was unburied for his turn at bat, it was decided that he was too dead to play effectively.

Skyler batted third. One strike, one ball, then a solid hit between Jimun and Suri. Suri and Jimun chased the ball out to the wall, and then back in as it bounced off the wall. Suri finally caught up to it, and tossed it to Beltrami, who was covering second. Austin had by that time rounded second, and was heading toward third, now covered by Flossi. Austin attempted to intimidate Flossi by showing his teeth and going “Rawr!” as he approached, but she stood her ground and tagged him on Beltrami’s throw, although too late to do any good. Skyler was safe on second and Austin safe on third (albeit slightly squished by the force of Flossi’s tag).

Kelketek batted fourth. A strike, a hard foul, then a line drive straight at Suri. Suri fell over, but stopped the ball anyway. Suri threw the ball to Phoobia, who was waving her arms. Phoobia relayed it to Flossi, who tagged Austin out at the plate. Kelketek was safe on second, and Skyler safe on third. Two outs.

Rainfall was substituted for the dead Weasel, and batted fifth. She hit a line drive into the right field corner. Suri chased it into the corner, and threw to Flossi. Against all reasonable expectations, the ball beat Skyler to the plate, and he was tagged out. Three outs.

Bottom of the Game:

Rainfall pitched
Skyler caught
Austin played first
Mina played third
Kelketek played the outfield

Phoobia batted first. She popped the ball straight into the air on a wild swing. It landed on her hard acrylic Hat of the Future with a loud *BONK*, and rolled fair. She ran to first, where Austin tagged her out on her hat, producing another, less pronounced *bonk*. One out.

Flossi batted second. A ball, and then an infield pop fly. Rainfall missed the catch, but caught it on the rebound. Flossi was safe on first.

Jimun batted third. His first swing was wild, and he lost the bat, which went bouncing out toward Austin. No one was hit, but Flossi used the moment of confusion to steal second. His second swing produced a line drive up the middle, and also resulted in his spinning cartoonishly in place from the force of the swing. Rainfall caught it, but was too late to prevent Flossi reaching third. Flossi was safe on third. Two out.

Suri batted fourth. She topped the ball on a wild swing, and it bounced fair right in front of the plate. She took a second swing on the rebound, but missed. She ran towards first, and slid, stopping just short of the base. Austin began sniffing her, which resulted in the panic-stricken lemur running back towards the plate. Skyler, who had been holding the ball at the plate to guard against Flossi, now threw to Austin. Flossi ran for home, but arrived after Suri was out at first. Three out.

It was decided that Beltrami should get to bat anyway. She hit a pop fly to shallow center field, where Kelketek missed, but caught it on the rebound. Kelketek threw to Austin at first, but was too late. Austin threw to Rainfall, who relayed to Mina, who tagged Beltrami out at third. Four outs.

The Final Score:

Kelketek’s Team: one walk, two hits, no runs, one death

Beltrami’s Team: no walks, one hit, no runs, no deaths

A good time was had by all, and it was decided that there should be more baseball games in future.


Rainfall: “If I hit them on the head with the ball, we’ll win by default. ;)”

BunnyHugger: “A highly unconventional hit. I think Phoobia just invented the hat-bunt.”

Austin: “You’re building suspense for your inevitable victory, Phoobia.”

Flossi: “It should also be mentioned at this point, that baseball is a no-contact sport. Mostly.”

Skyler: “Suri…oh…er, you need a bat.”
Austin: “There’s no actual rule requiring a batter to have a bat, you know.”

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