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Flurry of Fair Fun Fruitful, Frazzling

With the scheduling of several events for the final day of the SpinDizzy Fair, including a chili cook-off and a hot dog binge, besides the closing ceremony, the eventlist has swollen to proportions not seen in living memory if at all. Skyler, cartoon rabbit, expressed amusing fright on Wednesday the 8th at seeing the eventlist reaching to double digits.

The swelling came about in part from the expansion of Skyler’s popular time-capsule-gathering ceremonies, in which people are invited to give items of personal or cultural worth to be sealed up and restored in three years’ time, and in part from people gathered at the Hall of Arts and Crafts to exchange artwork created either in muck or through external links (some original drawings, some photographs, some computer-rendered images).

Other events scheduled for the final days of the Fair include the Karaoke and Dance Party for Thursday evening, Friday evening’s Storytelling Circle, Saturday’s scheduled Dress Up Garrison event, the livestock and produce judging later Saturday evening, and the mentioned food and ceremonial events for Sunday. More events may be added as time and imagination permit.

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