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SED Starts Benevolence Fund for Retirement/Rehabilitation Center

The Society of Elite Defenders (until recently known as the Society of Evil Doers) has announced the “Society of Elite Defenders Benevolence Fund” in order to raise money for a retirement and rehabilitation center for those past active duty age or wounded in action.

“We wanted to make sure that those protecting us from harm are well cared for,” SED Spokesfox Kelketek said. “It’s a way to give back to those who have served tirelessly for all of us.”

The plot of the new site will be just south of the new SpinDizzy University, allowing those staying to learn new skills. University medical students will also be able to participate in a residency internship available at the institution.

“I think retirement and rehabilitation services will be a nice service to provide for SED members that have put themselves in danger’s way to protect Spindizzy,” cartoon bat Jimun remarked upon hearing of the project.

One resident doubted the utility of such a project, stating, “In honesty, I didn’t think that any member of the SED would live long enough to retire, considering what SED’s done in the past, and how quickly they go through Aina soldiers.”

The Society of Elite Defenders will be fund raising for the new building, and giving Aina plushies to those who donate 1000 units of the base currency or more. Special versions with the precise markings of active duty soldiers will be available in a bigger fund raising event, pending announcement.

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