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Dragoncat’s Dragon Half Visits

Alkaryiske, commonly known as Dragoncat, strange fusion of a dragon and a cat, was visited this month by his nephew Keith.  Keith hails from his sister on the dragon side, and has after a while returned to Alkaryiske’s sister.  The hatchling began his visit around the 21st of June, with offers of cigars to Dragoncat until it was clarified that the hatchling was not directly his responsibility.

There was some concern about the rate of crashes into the ground which Dragoncat and Keith experienced while they explored the world together, but Dragoncat noted, they weren’t really any more frequent than his crashes before the visit.  Keith, being young, was unharmed by any of the collisions.  He did a lot of running, and poking, and proved to be rather ticklish.  And at one point he was searching for quicksand while Dragoncat sank beneath an ocean of TVTropes.com links.  (Chitter, squirrel, was asked to bite Dragoncat on the tail should he appear to be going under again.)

Of the cat side, he said, “ My kitty side has some strange family.  Apparently, I’m half a son-in-law to an ogre … when you have to show up to a wedding and find out you’re sitting next to the black knight, tensions do rise.”

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