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MUF Classes at an End

The fourth and last MUF class by Professor Joshua Farstrike (augmented coyote) was also the briefest. An audience consisting of Dragoncat (feline dragon), BunnyHugger (devilbunny), Jaxen (fox), and Claude (LOLcat) was treated to an explanation of propqueues and interactive debugging. Professor Farstrike then used an anecdote to caution about the potentially surprising behavior of background-running programs.

Differences between the Fuzzball MUCK and ProtoMUCK codebases were also mentioned in passing, as well as full-screen editing via MCP.

Last but not least, a final exam has been scheduled for next Sunday, after which the students will be given two weeks to finish all their standing assignments in order to receive their certificates. The exam will be open-book.

See the class log for details.

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