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Sally Calls For New SpinDizzy Fair

Sally, velociraptor/eagle, asked BunnyHugger, devilbunny, “might you have another Fair this summer? I know the original plan was for every third year, but I think it’d be nice to do them in non-Olympic years.”

The Fair organizer explained, “Sally, my plan was to have a big ‘World’s Fair’ of multiple weeks every third year, and have a one-week carnival in the intervening years. So I do plan to hold a carnival this year and people can schedule whatever events they like for it. Probably one week/two weekends rather than two weeks/three weekends like last time.”

Sally was supportive of having more, noting, “ But we also have Olympics. Eventually the Fair will fall on the same year as Olympics. Plus the turnover is high enough that I think it’d still be novel every two years than every three. I think you’d get a lot more participation this time too, after people saw last year’s.”

Noting the great work involved, and the special-ness of extremely rare events, BunnyHugger offered, “if you’d like to take on the mantle of Fair organizer I’d certainly be willing to relinquish it and take a supportive role.” Sally promised to consider it.  BunnyHugger conceded that having a World’s Fair every other year made sense and added, “It’s not too early to start thinking about it, for sure. But if you’re interested in working on it a lot, and if we can find a couple other people who also are, it’s probably doable.”

While no decision has been reported as yet, the discussion did merge with the first programming assignment for the MUF class to produce Sally muttering, “Nobody expects a nitroglycerine pie.”

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