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Once Again, SpinDizzy Doomed; Strange Luaie to Evaluate World for Salvation

A dinosauroid calling himself Luaie and apparently unconnected to the heron dragon of that name appeared in the Rose Garden in late April. He asked those present not to not worry about him, noting, “I’m just here to evaluate if your civilization. Nothing to be concerned about. I know, there are so many galactic civilizations out there that think they are something special. But I’m just doing a job.”

Asked by Azure, blue fox, and BunnyHugger, devilbunny, what SpinDizzy is being evaluated for, Luaie said, “Short version. My civilization is dedicated to eliminating Plague. As long is this world is not infected or otherwise a threat, everything will be fine. There’s been a few swarms here and there. But the current one is… bad. But we are nowhere near the front lines.”

Azure asked, “Do you mean your civilisation is dedicated to eliminating plagues in general, diseases and so on, or do you mean it is dedicated to eliminating a single disease so heinous that it is simply called Plague?”

Luaie explained “It’s not a disease. I do not think `Plague’ is the right word. Let us call it the Swarm instead.” And it appears to be a variation of the famous nanite grey-goo catastrophe. Luaie promised that if infected our world would not be rescued, and not “tossed into a sun” or similarly destroyed. He accepted a drink before leaving.

Chitter, squirrel, felt this rapid departure indicated a guilty conscience, and asked, “isn’t it obvious that the ‘rescuing people’ business was a lie? Do you think he’d tell us the truth if the answer were ‘throw you into a star’?”

Nikon, miniature raccoon-dragoness, asked for her opinion as someone closer to the nanite scale, reported that while there were nanites about they were not malevolent. In fact, they were friendly, which made for a refreshing change.

Luaie the heron dragon appears to know nothing of this other Luaie’s activities. The dragonoid Luaie had not been reported back.

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