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Mental Showdown Ends in Blue Victory, Followed by Firefight

On Saturday afternoon at Squirrel Park, Azure and Morticon’s soldier Sora faced off in a psychic battle in which Azure was declared victor. Shortly after, witnesses saw a firefight break out with the capture and surrender of Kelketek and Sora to the Society for Evil Doers.

After Azure’s victory, Morticon ordered Zeta and an Aina soldier to carry out the execution of Sora, labeled “broken” due to her famously stoic and cold mind being filled with emotion. Upon hearing this, Kelketek jumped in the way of the soldier, and a firefight ensued between Kelketek and the Aina soldier under Zeta’s command. After several minutes of fighting, Kelketek surrendered to the SED, having sustained a gunshot wound to the side. Sora was captured later fleeing in the woods with a clipped wing. The terms of surrender included Sora’s freedom in exchange for Kelketek’s indentured servitude for an as of yet undefined amount of time. Both boarded SED transport and have not been seen since the event.

Azure is expected to face Morticon directly in the next Psychic battle.

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