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SpinDizzy Shrinks, Resumes Growth; Growth Potential Remains

The size of SpinDizzy’s database — recently noted as topping 20,000 items — was reduced by over five percent on Friday night as Austin, Managing Editor, finally around to running the idle-purge.  This controversial procedure — Gilead has to be kept in a secure facility while Austin does it lest the otter get bitey and the coati get bitten — removes from the muck the objects belonging to people who’ve been idle more than a set time; for this purge, that time was a year.

Lost to the idle-purge were: 264 rooms, 665 exits, 90 miscellaneous things, 12 MUF programs, and a somewhat startling 110 characters, for a total of 1,141 newly minted pieces of garbage, which will be turned into new objects as we build again.  As of this writing there remain 4,094 rooms, 11,296 exits, 2,992 miscellaneous things, 513 MUF programs, and 519 characters on Spindizzy.

The number of rooms immediately rose by two, and the number of exits by eight, with a corresponding reduction in the amount of garbage, when Austin noticed that two of the main grid rooms had accidentally been deleted.  Austin now believes that the entire grid is accounted for and geographically contiguous but do please page him or any of the wizards in case fresh topographic anomalies are discovered.

A number of rooms on the main grid were owned by the idle, and they have been restored as best as possible to their pristine Coconino County wilderness state (which can be offered to any room by setting its description to {coconino}).  Those hoping to redevelop the muck, or just establish their own new territories, should check the +map and look into those places which have become marked with the undeveloped . marks.

Anyone can get a roster of the currently existing players by using the players command, and all are encouraged to approach unfamiliar names and try to encourage them to participate more in the community.

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