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Kelketek and Rainfall’s (IC) Funeral Held

On January 23, 2011, Kelketek and Rainfall’s (IC) funeral was held. The couple were presumed to have died during their successful mission to prevent The Retributionists from turning SpinDizzy into an empty husk. A group gathered at the Rose Shore to remember the two. As the bodies were never recovered, the only physical reminder of the foxes was a small hole dug near a white rosebush on the beach.

As Kelketek was involved with the Society of Elite Defenders (SED), Morticon, JasonRDT, several Ainas, and Sora and Natalya were present, some in formal military dress. Many others were also in attendance, such as Austin and BunnyHugger, Azure (who organized the funeral), Kantuck and Jukka, Nigel, Joshua, Beltrami, and Terry for a total of at least 25 attendees. Azure directed the ceremony, opening it with a eulogy:

“Thank you all for coming, I believe this shall be brief. The history underlying this particular funeral has been obscured for sometime. Some of you may have seen the details in the newspaper. However, for those who have not, I shall summarise. There was a group known as the Retributionists, a militant breakaway from a missionary order. The Retributionists lost faith and, as do many others who lose faith, became angry and vindictive. They had plans to dismantle our spindizzy among others in an attempt to create a gigantic weapon to deploy against the planet they felt had betrayed them. Kelktek and Rainfall Rritaa along with the Aina 81 infiltrated their as-yet incomplete weapon and Mr. and Mrs. Rritaa perished in the act of sabotaging the shield generator. This allowed a force to enter and put a stop to the Retributionists’ work. Aina’ 81 was wounded in the action. Such are the circumstances. As for a eulogy, I shall pronounce thus. Kelketek Rritaa acted unswervingly as he believed correct in almost every circumstance, and adherence to ones principles is, in itself, an admirable quality. His wife had only a short period of time to develop emotionally but was shown, in every facet in which she was seen, to be loving and devoted.”

A few others also gave short eulogies. Morticon had this to say:

“Kelketek above all taught people how to love. Not only by his words, but by his actions. I think most in attendance today can agree they’ve been affected by him in some way. He was one fox, but had the impact of many more. He believed in what he was doing and cared so much about all of us, that he was willing to go on that fateful mission knowing it may be his last. Kelketek showed me how to care better for those under me in the SED, what being a father means, and how to be a better leader, among other things. He also helped shaped the SED’s new direction, which will continue long after this ceremony today. As for Rainfall, I hear she became a wondeful vixen. Before her final mission, she was learning much about life and love and making up for the lost time I had carelessly taken from her. In that brief span of time, Kelketek had taught her many things, enough that she was willing to give up her life to save ours, if it came down to that. And…. it seems that she had to. I’m sorry, Kelketek. I wish this could have turned out better…”

Kantuck added:

“I am saddened that I did not meet Rain, and heard mixed words about her, which I will not repeat here. However, Kelketek. He was one of the first I met coming to this strange land, when I was wandering in the wilds. I only knew him approximately two years, but in that time he has helped me though so much. My loss, my guilt, the pain associated with that. He guided me, in ways that no one else even tried, except for ” (here she held out a paw to Jukka) “my lovemate, Jukka. I cannot thank him enough, and now I cannot even thank Kel at all. I…” Her voice broke, then she left the podium,

JasonRDT spoke next:

“Kelketek… he was a great man. I… we weren’t on the best of terms because of…various incidents…” He looks to Morticon and Azure, then to the crowd as a whole. “But I admired him… looked up to him. A-and… I never got his f-forgiveness…in w-words… but wherever h-he is, I…I think he f-forgives me… because he’s that k-kind of fox. And… everywhere I met him…every dimension… he was such a loving person and…I… I love him.”

Natalya concluded the speeches:

“When I was to begin this life, it was not my papa’s voice I was hearing first. It was Kelketek, stumbling through the use of magic jar with my soul in it. the first thing he is saying is.. ‘you’ll like it here.’ That was Kelketek. He.. liked. It is not just love, it was he *liked*. There is no greater thing that can be said. he *liked* us. All of us.”

At this point, there was no one else with anything to say, so a proper SED military sendoff was performed. Three uniformed Ainas fired rifles into the sky three times each, in unison. Azure then concluded the funeral by filling in the hole with dirt and saying:

“In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return. And may flights of angels sing you both to your rest.”

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