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Horror at the Neopolis Hospital

The Neopolis Hospital was a scene of appalling horror, leading to massive decontamination efforts and one fatality after a terror-filled attack. Myron Takumichi, a 36-year old male fox-wolf hybrid, was assaulted by the formerly SED-funded inventor Zeeva, in a truly despicable fashion.

Takumichi, a small-time private investigator involved in the BLAMMIE scandal, had been admitted to the hospital after an explosion outside his place of business, now believed to have been set by Zeeva in retaliation. In direct defiance of the exile placed upon her in Neopolis, Zeeva entered the hospital and tortured him using her potent psychic abilities, a drill, and nanite-infused acid, which he could nothing about due to the full-body cast he was in. Initial attempts to deal with the damage caused the nanites to infect the health care workers working on Takumichi, leading to horror and consternation.

By coincidence, the medical magician Tash-Ki’ira happened to stop by to chat with the hospital staff, which is a semi-regular occurence. While the packer is a known SED medic, she has a fairly good reputation in the city, particularly due to her medical efforts during the recent SED occupation, and most of the staff tolerate or even like her. Stepping in to organize and advise the demoralised hospital staff, she proceeded to help deal with an assault involving security staff attacking other security staff while under Zeeva’s mental influence. “At that point I invoked certain privileges I have,” Tash-Ki’ira explained to news crews after the incident, “and I summoned squads of SED troops in military-grade NBC gear, in the hopes it would prevent the spread of the nanites. Zeeva had to be found, and ideally captured.”

According to reports, Zeeva had broken away from the SED in the aftermath of the BLAMMIE scandal. In any event, the various SED soldiers managed to flush Zeeva out toward the roof.

It was at or around this time that the Terminus group warrior known as Ruby arrived on scene. In a confrontation on the hospital roof, Ruby attempted to capture Zeeva, while Tash-Ki’ira looked on. When Zeeva used a lightning attack on Ruby to attempt to avoid capture, the injured warrior was knocked down, then got back up and charged the fleeing Zeeva through a brick wall. “It appeared to me that Ruby entered a berserk state,” Tash-Ki’ira stated. “The damage was exceptional.” The final act of the fire-powered vixen in the fight was the total burning of Zeeva’s corpse, after which she collapsed.

The SED soldiers on site kept the hospital cordoned off until all traces of the nanites were purged; the SED field hospital set up nearby to handle incidental injuries in the meantime. After the incident, the SED personnel left quietly, except for two SED troops and Tash-Ki’ira, the former assumably to escort the exhausted packer home after she finished necessary tasks on site. Ruby underwent emergency care and was released without incident sometime later.

Myron Takumichi is currently convalescing, and is in critical but stable condition.

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