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Trick-or-Treating, Masquerade Ball Planned for Halloween

Halloween is always a popular holiday on SpinDizzy and this year is no exception.  At least two events are currently scheduled in the days leading up to Halloween.  Although the holiday itself has nothing scheduled as yet, it is likely that it will see a festive gathering hosted by PatchO’Black, jellicle cat, as has happened in several years past.

The first planned event of the season will be early trick-or-treating on October 29th at 6 p.m. Organizer Strain-113, telepathic rat swarm, has provided the following information:

Things that want to run rooms should put together the following:

  • A room with a Halloween appropriate @description!

  • A short scene or Trick! But not too long, because there are other houses to visit!

  • Treats! Edible objects or the like to use as treats! (We will help Things use $fakemunchies.muf if they don’t know how!) Things that just want to come Trick or Treating should wear a costume!

Halloween revelers also have the option of attending a masquerade ball hosted by Bleu, horse.  The party will take place on Dead Island at 5 p.m. on October 30 and will be dedicated to the theme of “the Roaring Twenties.”  Fancy dress and mask are mandatory, and a costume contest will be held.  Bleu requests that those wishing to attend RSVP by page #mail.

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