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Rose Garden, Weather Solicited

The wizards have posted an appeal to would-be authors and world-sculptors for new seasonal descriptions for the Rose Garden and other public territories, and for new ambient weather events that may be used to add life to rooms.

The Rose Garden, most notably, changes over the year in its precise form though the general properties remain largely constant — a central fountain, areas to gather, roses, the hint of the shore to the east — and alternate descriptions which make sense for the season may be written as any room’s description would be and sent to Austin for use. It’s not guaranteed that all submissions will be used, but they’ll be looked at.

Other rooms, such as the Rose Shore, can also take seasonal descriptions. If a public room is owned by ‘SpinDizzy’ or ‘J.P.Morgan’ (enter ‘ex here’ to see who owns the room) it is likely that a seasonal description can be put on. Ask a wizard if it is unsure whether a room can be given a seasonal adaptation.

Weather, ambient sounds, are also turned on in the Rose Garden and a few other rooms and the wizards are interested in ones that can be slipped in. Instead of a single description these should be a series of one-line (though not necessarily one-sentence) items, for example:

A lone snowflake falls on the ground.

A lone snowflake changes color from white to {color}.

A small {rand:noise/species} hands a snowflake to {someone:here}.

As the examples indicate, these noises can use MPI, including the MPI macros such as {color} and {someone}. Ask Austin for further details. In creating ambient sounds the more the better; a list of a hundred items is much more likely to satisfy those experiencing it.

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