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Holodeck Adventures Bring Out Music, Mystery

On the 13th of March an experimental session in the holodeck chamber of the Chaos Zone, within Neopolis, brought people, their music, and their fantasies together. The core was a series of music streamed over the Internet by Care Bear GrumpyBear.

At one point wallaby Morticon, coati Natasha, and blue fox Azure rested within a giant electronic brain, with open synapses triggering in time with the music. Azure hopped about neurons gaining sparkle and shine; Natasha allowed her colors to flicker through the rainbow; and Morticon, after some hopping, lead the group to a rolling green plain in which flowers bloomed open. This gave way to thoughts of the moon, and the shifting of the three through the holodeck’s controls so that the trio appeared to be rockets, taking them to distant planets.

Devilbunny BunnyHugger, holding on to Morticon’s tail through the journeys in space, blossomed out in what looked first like wings, and grew to the proportions and shapes of a manta ray’s sides. As the group landed in a giant golden mechanism Morticon took the idea of wings and sprouted ones for himself. BunnyHugger shared her manta-ray wings with coati Austin, and the pair flew together a while.

Following the progression of a series of blue foxes to surround and embrace Azure, fluffy entered and found itself a dog of some kind, and a spreading trail of circuitry was woven into the appearance of the participants. And the night continued in that vein.

The holodeck is available and open to all comers within Neopolis. Its user-friendly facilities and long track record of safety make it a slight mystery that it has not been used more. Images created around persons are persistent within the holodeck but do not carry outside it.

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