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Changes and Amendations

Several of the community’s regulars have taken on new shapes over this month. The most noticeable has been Valleyminks who, after recovering, became first a mink fursuit and then a humanoid body who wears the fursuit. Questions to Valleyminks regarding who the person is — the body or the fursuit — have been met with assertions that they are together Valleyminks and cannot be separated. Though many have wondered if there is a connection to the entity known as Leslie none is admitted or known at this time.

Garrison, at one time a skunk, who had been reshaped into an inflatable twin to fairy kangaroo Roofus_roo and then further hybridized into a half-bird, was further reshaped this month at the inflatable dragoness Beltrami’s hands. This time she formed some manner of energy-mould around the shape of winged squirrel J.P. which was then used to re-cast Garrison as an inflatable winged squirrel. Garrison has expressed satisfaction with the change. J.P. has expressed confusion about just what happened or how or why. Beltrami had nothing to say.

And in a development that many observers thought had happened years ago, ‘toon bunny Skyler was captured by the inflatable squirrel-critter Nimble and re-formed into the pair of slippers which has formed such a defining part of his public image. Despite widespread impressions he has not in fact been slippers in years, and Beltrami appears to have had no responsibility for this change at all, though she has worn the pair since.

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