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Chitter Has, Might Enjoy, Birthday

On the 9th of March in the fabulous Starlight Ballroom in Edgeworld Park, Chitter the squirrel had his birthday celebrated by a series of karaoke performances, accentuated by cake.

Chitter Squirrel

Chitter Squirrel

The performances, run much like Mystery Science Theater 3000 movie nights, were done by providing links to song performances online, which were sung and danced along with by the visitors to the ballroom.  Among the performances were coati Austin Dern’s rendition of Allan Sherman’s “Good Advice” and  Jellicle squirrel PatchO’Black’s cover of the “Mississippi Squirrel Revival.”  Polar bear Borris declined to sing, but provided a link to the <cite>Phineas and Ferb</cite> song “Squirrels In My Pants.”  Lemur Suri “sang” Hot Butter’s “Popcorn.”  Blue fox Azure sang “It Might As Well Be Spring.”  Skiv the rat brought in Pansy Division’s “Luv Luv Luv” and then BunnyHugger, fearing anticlimax, dressed in her sparkling gold jacket and set Chitter into a white wedding dress to perform  Sparks’s “Angst In My Pants.”  Dragoncat played Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away,” and the mouse Xin played the Temptations “I’m Losing You.”

Azure gave to Chitter a jar of cashew butter wrapped in aluminum foil.  Cashews are reported to be particularly liked by Chitter.  Suri gave a zinc cube which she explained was a cube of zinc.
Chitter declined to admit to having any specific age but it was generally agreed he was not of the “Get off my lawn!” age bracket.


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