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Explorers Visit SpinDizzy Underside

On September 25, a team (Valleyminks, Weinstein, Skyler, Royce, Zenkuro, JoshRC, Tanooki, Kinsor, Wolverine, Alicia, Zeta, Westly, Natasha, Andreas, Azure, Ali, Morticon, and others) went to the underside of SpinDizzy via an elevator located at N6 E2.

Once they stepped foot on the rocky, barren surface, a huge cloud of dust arose from the south, soon revealing about one hundred robotic, humanoid dancers. The machines whirled about the explorers, keeping many of them distracted from continuing the exploration. Several people, such as Weinstein, Alicia, and Wolverine, found themselves dancing with the robots at breakneck speed.

With a small team left to keep the robots busy and to rescue the hapless dancing partners, the remainder of the team went north. Eventually, the robots were destroyed and everyone freed, so they headed north to rejoin with the rest.

Once north, it was found some of the soil was damp, as if constantly irrigated, the manner of which is currently unknown. Flowers were zfound, and when smelled they could cause sleepiness and lethargy. After some smelling salts, the team discovered the plants spelled words: YOU SHOULD LEAVE.

Ignoring the request, the team was met with many of those flowers on one side of a path, and needle-shooting cacti on the other. Making use of speed, toons and plushes, the team managed to get by this danger (plus or minus a few cactus needles), and arrived at a large brick dome with an oversized locked door.

The door appeared to be locked with a very elaborate mechanism, which appeared to consist of a series of puzzles. As there was too many and the puzzles too difficult to solve at that point, the team took down as much information as they could about them, and posted them up for the population at large to solve.

Once the answers are discovered, the door would be revisited and hopefully unlocked, revealing the damaged spindizzies beyond and allowing the team to repair them.

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