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Beloved Community Member Vanishes Under Mysterious Circumstances

On the evening of September 25th, well respected community member Kelketek Rritaá and his wife Rainfall Rritaá were reported missing when their apartment was found cleared and their scent trail destroyed. He was last seen by Wolverine the night of the underside exploration mounted to determine the state of the underside spindizzy, used for steering the planetoid. Explorers called it “odd” that he was not with the crew, saying that he was a sort of person whose curiosity and sense of adventure always lead him to join trips like these.

Witnesses say that before the disappearance, Kelketek was seen having an altercation with Jukka, sitka deer, at the Rose Garden and Rose Shore. He reportedly struck Jukka twice with an open paw before the confrontation was interrupted by those standing by. The dispute seemed to be over Kelketek’s previous employment and accusations of his wife’s mental state.

Sources state that there was also a disagreement between Kelketek and his previous employer, the Society of Elite Defenders, on an accused contract violation. Some suspect this is Kelketek’s public revelation that Jukka is an employee of the Society of Elite Defenders. Investigators say that foul play, while not eliminated as a possibility, is unlikely, though they believe he may have fled under potentially dangerous circumstances.

Kelketek is a red fox, around twenty two years of age, and Rainfall is a black fox, with similar apparent age. He arrived on SpinDizzy about five months ago and was the SED Spokesperson for three months before moving into freelance engineering.

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