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Devilbunny, Squirrel Serve Up Easter Delights

For the fourth year running devilbunny BunnyHugger and squirrel Chitter put themselves at the service of the community and distributed treats and candies for Easter. BunnyHugger, wearing a harness and pulling a basket on a wagon, wheeled the Easter supplies in to the Rose Garden; and Chitter, riding in the basket and wearing bunny ears, delivered candies at high speed to anyone who wanted, or sometimes just tossed them out at the unsuspecting.

BunnyHugger and Chitter in an Easter scene

BunnyHugger pulls her Easter basket cart, with Chitter riding inside. (Image by Garrison)

The seemingly bottomless basket offered up painted eggs, chocolate eggs, jellybeans, chocolate shelled candies, marshmallows, peanut butter and chocolate eggs, and plastic grass, none of which produced any sorts of unexpected transformations or other mishaps. No injuries were reported from shelled peanuts being flung at anyone.

Due to the unfortunate coincidence of Western and Orthodox Easter this Easter weekend was BunnyHugger’s only scheduled visit as candy-bearing bunny this year.

Skyler, cartoon bunny, also wore a purple ribbon and carried baskets for Easter, but was wearing no tackle in public.

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