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Azure Delivers Spring Weather after Unfortunate Delay

Though outdoor areas of SpinDizzy were able to enjoy seasonally appropriate weather for the winter, the transition to spring conditions was delayed several weeks. BunnyHugger, devilbunny, asked Morticon, strange purveyor of MUF programs, and learned “the reason we’re not having spring weather is because the winter ran out and [ Azure ] didn’t finish making the spring”. In his defense Azure said, “I didn’t know I was supposed to be making the spring, I was just planning on making a bunch of storms.” Future Fox Azure’ added, “And lightning fog!”

Flossi, mad scientist bunny, added, “Don’t forget the hailstones the size of Yugos. What about Boiling Hail?”

Azure’ was dismissive, saying, “It just breaks stuff, but it’s not pretty. You couldn’t go running through hail imagining you’re a vengeful spirit of heaven.” But Azure apologized to BunnyHugger, saying, “I shall make some April Showers.”

That weather was delivered by the 11th of April, with conditions for April and May to be interspersed with the usual night and day descriptive tags.

Flossi maintains, “I still think I should get funding for my Weather Machine. We could have all kinds of weather, rain, sun, snow, and tworm on demand!”

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