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Rothschild Returned to Approximation of Humanity

Rothschild, vampire bat and mage, has returned to the human form he claims to have had before his arrival in SpinDizzy. The change, following an appeal to the community posted by Rothschild and some interim experiences as a sloth, a slug, a snail, and a turtle, was effected by a group effort including the work of Tategoi, Austin, Nicholas, and Beltrami.

Tategoi, though not an expert on transformations specifically, has been studying magic for years and hoped for greater experience in its practical use. His spells were cast with the intention of making Rothschild’s shape more susceptible to transformation. Austin cast an appeal to the entities which govern the shape of Rothschild for them to let the vampire bat take on a different form.

Nicholas, using a different school of magic, required the help of a team of mice, for which Ping was multiplied into a swarm of coordinated creatures. The many Pings set about drawing a recursively defined sigil, although the incantation was believed to produce more the illusion of a transformation than the transformation itself. The multiple Pings were re-merged to a single being.

Beltrami, after a false start which tore Rothschild’s wings, called on Tategoi for further help. With her operator palette she then shifted the vampire bat into an approximation of the human shape he claims to have once had, although he kept the bat wings as an extra set of limbs.

He has reported general satisfaction with the new shape, and hopes to finish refurbishing his wardrobe in the near future.

Rothschild appeared on SpinDizzy after, he believes, creating an accidental transportation spell which left him ripped from his home world and home species.

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