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Archaeological Dig Meets with Success

The SDS Flying Fish took off again this Saturday at 10:15 a.m., having aboard Claude, Natasha, Casandro, Westly, Jimun and Kenko, along with Tanooki. The team’s destination remained a mystery until the next day, when Claude mentioned offhand the recovery of an ancient mechanical brain named Drive from a somewhat surprising location. We asked Claude to give us a few details.

He declared: “I knew there were some caves under my home; after all, I turned one of them into a dock for my ship. But a whole underground complex, complete with puzzle-locked vaults and forgotten machinery? It was a major surprise, and not a little danger. But thanks to my awesome team mates we’ve all returned to the surface in one piece, and with our prize intact.”

After a pause, he added. “Of course, what we found down there only raises more questions, but isn’t that the charm of archaeology?”

We asked Westly, the team’s newest member, for his opinion of the expedition. He said: “Oooh… Let’s see. I particularly liked the escape puzzle. I’m really big on puzzles, adore them.” (Ed: he’s apparently referring to the trap that was guarding Drive.)

This is apparently related to his discovery of a strange book in the library, two weeks ago.

Unfortunately, many questions remain unanswered. Stay tuned.

Last-minute update: it seems that Chippy was able to track the team during the exploration and had a hand in the mission’s success.

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