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Maximizing SpinDizzy

A casual search of the database before the forthcoming idle-purge revealed that SpinDizzy has six characters whose name features “Max”: Max the wolverine, Maxwell the white-footed mouse, Maxia the skunk, Maxskunk the other skunk (this one green), JonnyAMax the humanoid biomachine, and one suspended badger.

For comparison there are five characters whose names feature “Min”: Peppermint pademelon, Mina the tigress, Minx the occasionally-multiple-bodied minks, Valleyminks the other multiple-bodied mink (and fox) pack, and one suspended mythical leopard.

There are no characters whose names include “median,” but the “mode” is represented in red panda Amodeo. The “standard deviation” is right out, as we don’t truck with that sort of thing in public here.

A list of current players can be generated by use of the playerlist command.

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