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What’s Something You’re Thankful That You Did This Year?

I’m sorry for being so late putting all this together but I hope you’ll like it anyway. I asked people what were things they were thankful they did this last year and here’s some of their answers.

Dragoncat said he was glad “I guess I got through painting the figures I had then.” He apaints miniatures and showed some of them at http://sta.sh/2qniw2cs5qg?edit=1 and at http://sta.sh/01h2cf57soqr. They’re called muckers because they’re heroes and monsters for one of the games he plays.

Toledo said “This year hasn’t been the greatest year for me, but I’m thankful that I’ve survived it mostly intact.” He said it was “Just health and work drama. Nothing too serious, it seems, just lots of little things that pilied up.” He didn’t want to say any more.

Sondra said she’s thankful that she met knew people here. She said everyone was special though I asked if she could think of anyone. “I think Molly is the last new person. She appeared a few days ago! [She’s] nice as far as I know!”

Rielle said “I am thankful for finding my way here and meeting all my new friends like Beltrami, Vahno, Mako, and Aldrinor!” She got here kind of by accident, “I found a kind of strange, er, floating tear in the world. I don’t know what they are, but they always lead somewhere new, so call them doorways.” She didn’t know when she went through the doorway to come to our world that she could go back home if she really wanted, but she warned people where she was going. And she said, “my previous employer has even found a way to temporarily join me here. We’ve been trying to arrange a dinner party and invite some of the folks here so he can meet them.” She said he’s a filmmaker and while he didn’t make any movies we probably know she’ll tell us the story about it some other time. “To sum it up, I’m thankful for finding my way here and meeting all the new friends that I have.”

Princess Nova Squirrel said, “This year I was finally able to pull a little family together that I could be part of. I’m thankful to have my family.” But it’s not the family here exactly, “though I’ve met some good friends here.” The family isn’t from “really any particular place, I had just found friends from many different places over the years and I gathered them together.” She thinks it was a bit of luck. “I’ve tried to do it before and it didn’t really pick up, but it did this time. I’m happy I found this place too, that happened back in June.”

Mako said, “Possibly cliche, but I’m also thankful for this place. I came here and found a buncha new friends and people who share my interests, and the opportunities to get further along in my own personal goals. Writing some, running some things, and making progress on getting the player employed. Showing people my home and telling them of the places I’ve been. And writing up all the world details and designing the places.” Both this world and somewhere else. (Mako said she was also quite proud of both getting a lot of her details straightened out and written down for her home.)

The other Nova said “I’m glad I was a part of SpinDizzy,” but wasn’t sure about anything special that changed this year. Nova didn’t remember if this year was when it turned into a toy like it is now. But it did think maybe it met me for the first time this year! I don’t think it was this year.

Kantuck said she “got the only college degree in my family. It’s only an Associate [of Sciences] but I’m on my way to my BA.” Kantuck’s “a 3rd year psychology/criminology student.” And going back to college “in January of next year. Excited and as nervous as expected.”

Kyizl said, “I learned how to make stuff! Like, with Maynard I made something flashy for my bike, and with Pira I learned how to make metal stuff. Maynard taught me how to make a flashing light thing, so I don’t get run over again. [Maynard] won’t let any shortcuts be taken. I had to soldier it and put it together from the parts. [And my] new job is working at Pira’s. Still part time. I do courier work 1-2 days a week.” And I just realized I forgot to ask about being run over, I’m sorry!

PatchO’Black said he was thankful for “Getting to visit with my Lady Jellicle!”

Mayor Aldrinor said he’s thankful he got to “Run events! It’s been a fun year so far. I hope they’ve all been fun. I’m also taking care of my troops, and have my duties within the SED. In fact…I’ve only stepped into my mayoral office once. Most of my paperwork is sent to be on the field, or delivered to my bedroom.” He said he runs “a small unit within the SED. I make sure they’re well trained, well outfitted and that they do well on the field.”

Vahno said he was thankful for, “Meeting more awesome people here.”

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