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2016 Mayoral Candidates’ Debate Transcript

Please give a short biographical sketch of yourself.  Introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself.

Kefan: WellI’m Kefan, I’m well-known as park furniture that can provide scritches, and I should like to opportunity to be SpinDizzy Mayor, since I would not only be a mayor you could rely on, but actually lean and even sit on.

Daisy: I’m Daisy Ferret, not too complicated really. I enjoy making mischief and being silly. There really isn’t much to know about me beyond those few facts.

Featherwing: Well, I’m Featherwing, of the LunaStar dragon clan, and the chief science officer of the same… I was sent to scout out new places for my clan to settle down, but have lost contact with them. I’m very friendly and would love to be a part of day to day events aside from my duties on the wizcorps.

Aldrinor: My name is Aldrinor Kieras Talnier, a wolf that has been made a SpinDizzian resident as of last year. I’m out and about, and if I’m not on the SED base, you can find me in the garden or relaxing with friends.

Samnang: As many of you may know, or not, depending on many factors. I am Samnang, my species is Auflandan and yes, we all look similar to myself save for colorations, with the sexes being reserved to male and female. I, myself, come from a world that has only two seasons, a light season and a dark season due in large part the slow rotation of the planet itself around two stars. My main profession is of explorer and trader, acquisitions if you will. My secondary is as a soldier. I count many here to be not as friends but as my people, which is just the same as saying you are my family but not blood related. That is the highest honor an Auflandan can give to another and because of that, there is very little that I would not do for any of you if you only were to ask.

Borris: Borris is only Polar Bear, was brought here by PatchO’Black. Was taught by Argon what is not food. Patchy has to remind me now and then.

Bleu: Greetings, Citizens. My name is Bleu, and I’m the resident transforming otter. I wish I could say more, but my time is pressed.

Why have you decided to run for Mayor?

Featherwing: Simply put, it sounded like a fun thing to try my hand at again… This isn’t my first mayoral rodeo, after all.

Daisy: I don’t actually want to be mayor, I’m hoping to be vice mayor. I’m sure I can bring the vice, and be either an asset to the mayor or a nuisance, whichever happens to be more entertaining at the time.

Samnang: I decided to pursue the chance at the mayorship for the pleasure of bringing joy to others around me. To explore not just the current pleasures we have now, but to perhaps bring new experiences to everyone that I feel they may be missing out on. Should I attain the position that is my plan, should I not, then it is also my hope that the seed of wonder has been own and would bear fruit accordingly.

Aldrinor: I actually did not plan on running for mayor this year. But after several others have talked to me about it, and encouraged me, and after some internal reflection – I feel like I can offer to make SpinDizzy a more fun, welcoming and engaging place all around. I do however, have several plans underway, that aren’t reliant on the mayorship title.

Kefan: I believe the operative word in ‘public servant’ is ‘servant’.  I should very much like to be another positive influence on the community, at the community’s will.

Borris: Is wanting to be Mayor because Borris is good at leading, but will not lead any one astray. Will not make promises, but will try and help and guide as best as possible.

Bleu: I am running because I, Bleu, believe in the future of SpinDizzy, and how it can be better, if we all work together. My desire is to foster unity by providing fun events and unforgettable holidays for the residents of SpinDizzy.

What are you proudest of doing for the community this past year?

Featherwing: For me, it has to do with my duties as a wiz, helping new people find their self and get settled in, being as friendly and welcoming as I can [so that they] stick around for a long time.

Aldrinor: Being able to bring 7 public SED RPs, albiet unannounced and unscheduled. As well as inviting 6 friends who have so far settled themselves in varying degrees over a span of 3 weeks. But most of all? Being able to contribute and be around for my fellow SpinDizzians, as a friend, as a wolfish hugger, and a capable GM.

Samnang: If I recall correctly, I lent assistance to all by helping to restrict boredom and keep others informed of the universe at large. Vetted choices and thoughts to gain a broader perspective of a given situation that, at the specific time, was of whether or not to seek out and intercept a roving band of pirates, that doing so might cause more strife in the future from that point, than would have been otherwise… In other words, provided a word of reason to those that wished to venture off without consideration of events larger.

Kefan: I think I’d have to say the last election.  I was quite pleased with the whole process, and I hope it’s fair to say that at least some of that was due to my management of the event.

Borris: Hm, did not have to Mallet the Wallaby this past year. Did not do much of anything to think of.

What is your favorite MUCK holiday, and why?

Daisy: Personally I love Groovy Day for the chance to wear tie dye and act like a hippie. What’s not to love?

Aldrinor: My favorite so far, has been the holiday of colors and Holi. It was fun, everyone had a blast, and there was color being thrown everywhere. It truly was, a colorful event.

Kefan: I think I like the Olympics best.  The events are always fun and inventive, and I like designing the medals.

Featherwing: Shiny Day. Just to see everyone sparkle and shine like stars makes me happy on that day.

Samnang: I enjoy all without specific reasons aside from time spent with others here. But since I cannot let it go with just that, for by the question pinning me to one. I would have to agree with Aldrinor, color day was quite spectacular even if I didn’t fully understand what was going on. which is why I guess that was what made it so much pleasure to participate within. Much like back home and a roving cane battle, it’s just something you join because of the thrill of participation with others to enjoy the purity of the act itself.

Borris: To be honest, all holidays are good, except when the busses are not running. 😉

Bleu: My favorite holiday is Remembrance Day, because I’m passionate for history.

What have the examples of previous mayors led you to expect about the post and its responsibilities?

Borris: Borris has noticed that many mayors do very little. Which in itself is not a bad thing. But when Jukka pardoned the Wallaby, that was just wrong.

Kefan: The main expectations I have gleaned from watching various mayorships are to a) be around and available, and b) hang on for the ride, because it’s going to be interesting.

Bleu: Which is why if you elect me, Citizens, I will not pardon the wallaby.

Borris: I will Eat him!

Aldrinor: I’ve spoken to a few of the past mayors. Looking up at their examples, the post of mayor expects that one should be able to run holidays and public events – making it fun, understandable, and overall enjoyable for the many people of SpinDizzy. As well as change the date if absolutely crucial. As well as maintaining themselves to be around and available as a friend, and out in public.

Samnang: Taking into account what all I have observed, heard said and all of that such. The position is largely one of title at best, much like receiving a gold star next to your name. It’s nice, and holds a bit of authority but only to the point of wielding the opening wave of a hand for events. It can be a danger, possibly, if the vice mayor chooses to try and usurp the mayor, but on the whole, the experience seems to be one of laxness punctuated by moments of thrill.

Featherwing: Expectations, huh? I’d have to say is pretty much what Kef said… And that was my noticing too.

Bleu: From my observation, the Mayor is to be available to all residents.

Daisy: In my opinion the combination of Jukka as mayor and Morticon as vice mayor was especially fun and memorable. I think a mayor really needs to be outgoing and social, comfortable around crowds, and comfortable being nominally in charge of events and holidays. These are things that I am not good at, and why I don’t want to be mayor.

What setting or event have you longed for that hasn’t been built, or held, or otherwise implemented yet?

Bleu: National Otter Appreciation Day. I also would love to see a proper Pinball Arcade built.  I would very much enjoy having Riffing be a more regular event, as well as karaoke. More spontaneous events, without a holiday or overarching plot involved.

Borris: Borris is happy with all events. Is not seeming like is needing any more. Or if is, is not thinking of any that most would enjoy here 😉

Kefan: I’d like to see Jaxen’s idea for a university come to fruition, even as just a built-up venue for events.  It could certainly be a spur for some interesting RPs.

Borris: Hm, Borris could teach Malleting 101!

Daisy: I’d like to see more waterfalls, and more general silliness. This is something I feel very strongly about and would do all I can to encourage it.

Samnang: An event I would rather much enjoy would be a forum to tell stories. Perhaps a single night a month or weekly in which we can freely talk about our past adventures or talk of fantastical pictures within our minds. Ones that might lead us to explore further and possibly visit these places because I believe it would encourage other’s interests in such ideas and imagination.

Featherwing: Not sure about this one… To be completely honest, I haven’t really longed for much in terms of settings or events, although if elected, and people express desire for it, I can definitely help them set it up. Mayhaps revive the Ambush? Again, not entirely sure.

Aldrinor: I’ve got an RP backdrop I’m working on this year. The FDN Serafiina, a slightly more serious space exploration and science vessel with some military highlights (Federation’s gotta protect its investments). That is also predominantly, not a post-scarcity line of RPs, requiring resource gathering, assimilation, fabrication. But something that I’d like to see, that I’m not planning is…a day of howling and appreciating the moon.

How would you approach engaging folks that traditionally shy away from public events?

Borris: Some people are just shy, is not sure what could be done. Some just do not like crowds… Music is good to help shy people.

Aldrinor: I plan to reach out to some of them. Generally I do small scale RPs with them, on the side, as they avoid public events specifically because it’s far too hectic and chaotic otherwise to keep up and follow. Some of my unannounced (but several invites to get things started) SED RPs have attracted some. A few one on one smaller sessions, and smaller scale side RPs that have a limited amount of players that are centered around an event.

Kefan: Slowly and non-threateningly?  😀  Sorry, couldn’t resist.  Probably the direct route, inquiring as to what events they might be interested in seeing happen, even if they don’t want to take the lead on organizing them.  Hm, I wonder if it’d be possible to have an anonymous suggestion box where people who have ideas for events but not the desire to run them can put them out there to see if anyone else is interested…

Daisy: I am one of those furs who shuns crowded events, so I can certainly sympathize! I’m not sure how to encourage others, but I’d be encouraged to attend more often if things were not overly planned and there was plenty of room for chatting and cuddling.

Bleu: For one, I’d just try to open, friendly, and inviting. Again, I’d host more spontaneous events, smaller affairs, things that aren’t as frightening to newcomers. In my experience, shy folks are most likely to check out smaller events than huge, complicated plot-driven RPs.

Featherwing: Well, I wouldn’t force them to participate if they geniunely expressed a disinterest, but I would encourage even slight interaction with a greeting… Again, wouldn’t force it, because it would drive them further away from wanting to do something in the future.

Samnang: My first quip would be at the end of a pitchfork, a good bit of poking to herd them in and then lock the doors so they can’t escape. But that is only in jest. First would be to identify those that hesitate and shy away and start small with them, bring forth their wants and make sure they know it is ok to sit in the corner and sip punch rather than be on the dance floor shaking your tail for all to see. That events are not always about being seen, that they’re more to come together and share experiences of everyone so you can know that you’re not alone and that you are missed when you are not there.

How do you plan to improve relations with the SED?

Borris: Ah, by Blowing up their Head Quarters of course. 😉 … I have many memories of the Wallaby and his evil plans that I have thwarted.

Bleu: By putting Morticon on trial. It’s more detailed than that, but that is the Cliff’s Notes version. I can’t say more, I’m afraid.

Aldrinor: As a senior officer and subcommander within the SED, I’ve already been making attempts at influencing more and more soldiers to learn better discretion, and know citizens’ basic rights and freedoms. Not to mention, getting out more and more in public.

Daisy: I wouldn’t want to improve it, some tension is a good thing and leaves room for all kinds of play for those who care about such things. I don’t see it as a problem.

Kefan: I don’t really have any plans to act against SED.  I’m perfectly willing to work with them if possible, and against them if necessary, but I’m not going to pre-judge the events of this next year until they starts to happen (if that makes any sense).

Featherwing: Improve relations? Hmm… Well, as long as they aren’t intimidating anyone, I’d have to say there isn’t a lot that can be done to improve what’s already there.

Samnang: This subject is a delicate one and there are strong opinions on both sides of this camp. I personally have no beef with the SED or the dark hopper himself. He’s a decent guy that does what he believes to be right and that I can respect, even if I don’t think what he believes to be correct to be correct. He hasn’t yet made attempts to enforce his way of thinking upon me or anyone else for that matter that has not willingly joined his cause. That being said there is a divide of mistrust that stems from actions that are undeniable and bias that are hard to resolve. I would explore a mutual grounding to help the SED leadership understand that their help is often not needed, that in a general way, people govern themselves rather effectively already, but that they could be quite valuable as an asset to help fend away anyone or anything, that might threaten the stability of our nation-state world or the free peoples thereupon.

Our time is drawing to a close, but I would like to end by giving a chance for each candidate to give a short closing statement if they wish.

Kefan: Well, I would hope to be the sort of mayor that I tried to be the chief election officer: fair, open to suggestions, and looking out for the best interests of the community.  And if nothing else, I plan to be fun to watch.  Not only will my office door always be open, my flank will always be available to lean on!

Featherwing: I’m not one to promise many things, but as a 3-time candidate, I hope that the third time is the charm and that votes come in for one of the fluffiest mayors around and will give fluffy snugs. If not, I at least thank my constituents for the opportunity to run. Thank you.

Bleu: In closing, you know me, and I know you, Citizens. My reputation precedes me. I consider you all my good friends. You are wonderful people, truly, and my greatest desire is to do my very best to make this next year one of the very best in the history of SpinDizzy. I am not perfect, but who is? You matter to me. I would be deeply humbled and honored if you put your faith in me for this upcoming year. You mean so much to me. Thank you, good night, good luck, and God bless.

Daisy: All I really want to say is decide what kind of mayor you want and vote accordingly. And to the shy and socially anxious furs out there, I feel you, and suffer those afflictions as well. If I can get up here on a stage and speak to all of you, then you can do more than you think you can as well. We all joined here to be part of a community, a small and friendly group where we can feel at home. That is my wish for you, that you will have or find friends that support you and help you feel more comfortably in anxiety producing situations. Peace.

Borris: I am Borris a simple Polar Bear. I have not eaten any one since coming here. you can thank Argon, may he rest in peace and Patchy for keeping me in line. But if elected Borris will help when he can and stand back when needed. Will try and bring a Siberian peace to SpinDizzy.

Aldrinor: It has been most interesting campaigning for this year’s elections, and I hope whomever is elected Mayor holds the torch high, to continue the tradition that has been so well set in our planetoid (the wolf has been around far longer than last year 😉 ). I hope to bring a bout of interesting, enjoyable, and organized events and holidays to us all. I’d be honored to run as your mayor, and do my absolute best to bring the best experiences around to everyone and all. If anything, I’ll be around and available in public, most nights or most times.

Samnang: We all are people free of thought and ability. It is that, that we must strive daily to protect and honor in ourselves and others. Here, we are all kings and queens of our own chosen path, but together we can be so much more. so please, come with me, let’s explore greatness together.

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    February 4, 2016 @ 11:32 pm

    Just a note for the historical record: after the debate, but before the voting opened, Daisy dropped out of the race. Niny’ah also dropped out, but she was unable to attend the debate and so isn’t in the transcript anyway.

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